Graven image of Archangel Taxiarhis


Category: Church supplies
ID: ΕΕ002

Religious icon.


Handmade carved icon, the very image of the original Archangel. It is made of Linden wood, with gold patina finishing and gold details shining on the Archangel's halo and crown. It has a built-in frame, which consists of ornate carvings both inside and outside, as well as an ornate carved Cross on the top. Rich in carving icon, with careful details, always respecting the sacredness the creation acquires. 

Dimensions: 42cm * 33cm.

Ξυλόγλυπτες Δημιουργίες

Η τέχνη της κατεργασίας του ξύλου εξαρτάται καθοριστικά από την αισθητική, τεχνική ικανότητα του ξυλογλύπτη, αλλά και από το δικό σας όραμα και την μοναδική σας επιθυμία